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Actress Kim Cattrall considers a new SUV from Mercedes-Benz to be a perfect fit for her "Sex in the City" character, Samantha Jones.

Cattrall helped Daimler AG introduce the Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside Concept during a reception Saturday night in advance of the North American International Auto Show.

"Very passionate people make Mercedes and they're very smart and I've always considered both of those things right down Samantha's alley," Cattrall said. "It's a cutting-edge car."

The compact sport utility vehicle will be driven by Cattrall's sex-obsessed character in the upcoming "Sex in the City" movie, which is expected in theaters on May 20. Cattrall said the vehicle "speaks more about where in her life and her lifestyle."

"We are sure that every time we launch a new Mercedes we get the attention," said Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG's chief executive. "With Kim at our side, we don't know whether it's the product or whether it's her — but that's even better."


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