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Lindsay's Lohan Mercedes

The actress has settled a negligence lawsuit brought by a busboy over a highly publicized traffic Mercedes collision nearly two-and-a-half years ago.

The attorney for plaintiff Raymundo Ortega confirmed that an out-of-court deal had been reached but refused to disclose any terms of the deal. Ortega had been seeking $200,000 in damages. Lohan's camp has yet to comment on the settlement.

Ortega fired off the first shot, filing his negligence lawsuit in June 2007. He alleged in court documents that a then 19-year-old Lohan had been drinking alcohol at the Ivy just prior to plowing into his mercede, and it was a combination of her purported inebriation and distraction due to aggressively pursuing paparazzi that caused the crash.Lohan's camp blasted back, denying the accusations against the twice-rehabbed star. Her legal crew specifically cited a California Highway Patrol incident report, which blamed the collision on Ortega, who was making an illegal U-turn at the time of impact.The actress, now 21, filed a four-page countersuit against Ortega on Oct. 11, seeking $75,000 in damages to her Mercedes from the busboy, whom she accused of being "negligent in the ownership, operation, repairs and maintenance" of his van


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