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C-class of Mercedes Benz qualified with the finales

The C-class of Mercedes-Benz of luxury sharpened out of Mazda2 and Ford Mondeo to gain the coveted car of store of wheels of the year.

The others qualified with the finales were BMW M3, Volkswagen EOS and Skoda Roomster. Newest Mercedes gained of a lineup of 20 called.

The writer Ged Bulmer of wheels said that the Mercedes C-class was a car of stand-out, guiding the criticism which it Mercedes, which starts to $57.000, is inaccessible for much. The model of level of entry of Mercedes C-class is about the price of a top-of-the-line commodore thus it is certainly accessible to a greater proportion the Australian ones than the Mercedes S-class, which twice gained the car of the reward of the year.


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