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New Mercedes-Benz CLC

Mercedes revealed only one cuts level of entry of stand called the CLC Mercedes for the young drivers concerned. The CLC Mercedes comprises new devices such as the speed-sensitive direction, a characteristic of the system of the last cry of infotainment a color screen, DVD at the European level or the navigation and the media of hard disk connect.

The CLC Mercedes climaxes aesthetic include the wheels of the alloy 18-inch, headlights with black interior surrounds, fĂ´latre the suspension with the lowered body, the wheel of direction out of leather of sports and the dark swept elements of aluminium balance.

Offered in the line of engine are four two of six-cylinder motors four cylinders and the power extending from 122bhp with 272 BHP. The CLC Mercedes also promises the saving in fuel improved.

Returns of CLC 200 TDCI Mercedes a consumption of the mpg 48.7 which is improved by the mpg 2.4 above the outgoing model. The manual transmission Six-speed comes with all the alternatives from engine, although a five-speed the transmission that automatic is is available on the units to four cylinders.

The models of sport will also have pallets of shifting of speed thus the driver can manually choose speed transmissions automatic. The CLC Mercedes will be at the agencies as from June 2008.


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