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Mercedes at the Top of the Luxury Class?

Since the ninth-generation Mercedes S-Class was launched in autumn 2005, it has dominated the global luxury segment. Because a total of 270,000 examples of this generation of the S-Class were sold worldwide since 2005, and the S550 is the most popular version. So this car is not broken, and it is not necessary, all the fixing. Instead, slightly revised the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S550 is simply part of efforts to ensure the S-Class one step beyond the reach of the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS and what will be the Cadillac STS replacement.

Driving deep into the Black Forest in the countryside west of Stuttgart, there were many possibilities, not just cruise on a cloud, but also urged the 4,500-pound German by differences in altitude and tough curves. If nothing else, the 2010 Mercedes S550 shows us that the twin-turbo V12-powered S600, the AMG V12-powered S65 and prepared the AMG-built V8 powered S63 just unnecessary.

Nip, Tuck - While the flanks of this code W221 S-class design will not change all the aesthetic, the face and rear fascias mesh better with the profile. The face in particular gets a lot of attention with a new four-slat chrome grille for all V6 and V8 models. It is not just a bit more shine, but the grille is more of a point in the middle, with the expression of a corporate desire for more stylistic edginess.

The shape of the front headlight assemblies remains the same, but the way the space inside is has changed, with full standard bi-xenon lights and an Audi emulation Strip LED indicator lights at the bottom. Turn off the standard daytime running lights on the multifunction steering wheel and the LED strip on the new air intakes in the front bumper to remain illuminated. The chin spoiler adds eight-tenths of an inch on the S-Class "overall length.

Outside mirrors are now larger per new European regulations, but they are also more aerodynamic, and help ensure that the side windows clean and dry in bad driving. Standard wheels for the V8 model in North America is still 18 inches. The rear lights with LEDs, and the visible exhaust tips I have a challenge-you-sir rectangular shape.

Inner Piece - You must be very close to the inside of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S550 in order to spot any changes. The steering wheel design has changed, what Mercedes calls a sporty look and feel. We estimate that the center to cover the airbag is no longer in this heavy, thick plastic Swabian and instead is made of the same leather that the interior upholsterer.

The standard seating in the front is now a 12-way electronically adjustable pair of thrones, and they are really good. But our S550 (by the way, it is badged S500 in the rest of the world - it is a long story), the ultra-multi-contour seats with 11 wonderful inflatable air chambers that are in three phases over the next generation on-board command system. There are now no fewer than three lumbar pillows and two new shoulder pads, and, and we are happy we stayed awake, because we also had the optional exfoliating massage function removes all our stress.

Until now, the S-Class had only amber-colored indirect cabin lighting atmosphere, but the customer can now also Polar either blue or white illumination. Really good news on the console much affect is that the wood is wood and not plastic veneer. It knocked at the door, and smelled it and it was good. There are five different types of wood cutting, according to the S-class you choose.

New Tech Trickle-Up - As with the S-Class, the outside edge is more better to the rest of the Mercedes lineup, so that the multitude of new technologies, which deals with the new E-class has at the end here. Some of the optional E-Class also have bits for the S-Class.

Every 2010 Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with: the Active Body Control with a side wind and mechanical stability on the basis of Direct Taxes; Adaptive HighBeam Assist to prevent glare traffic without having your lights DIP; Attention Assist for detecting sleepiness; Brake Assist Plus, sophisticated radar sensor for Distronic Plus Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Enhanced Night View Assist Plus, the latest generation of PreSafe, and a new Torque Vectoring braking system on the rear wheels.

So they loaded bear, people, and the Adaptive HighBeam Assist, Direct-Steer and Brake Torque Vectoring (it may intervene with the disc brake to the inside rear wheel in a corner to minimize understeer) from this list. Another nice technical change is the separation of sport-comfort-Manual setting for the suspension of functions for the Active Body Control. Before you press the SCM and the ABC suspension would switch automatically. Now they are separated, so we left in the suspension manual, so that we could play with the control of the ABC standard setting. If you opt for the adaptive suspension AIRMATIC that changes automatically with the SCM. (Have you everything?)

Sportier Attitude - As for the powertrain, the 5461 cc V8 engine family, the M273 is the same as before, with 382 hp at 6,000 rpm and 391 pound-feet of torque from 2800 to 4800 rpm, driving this big Merc from a standstill to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. Together with the seven-speed standard transmission, the S550 massaged absolutely barrels and could be the all-time gas-powered highway cruiser and highway bombers.

Our test car had the optional 19-inch wheels with low rolling resistance-resistance Continental Sport Contact 2 tires, 255/40R19 and 275/40R19 front 100Ys back 101Ys. As hard as these tires, they were good all day and transmit a fairly normal amount of road noise on the well-insulated cabin. Although the rectangular exhaust tips can be quite a satisfying growl when you directly to the gas, wind noise is incredibly low, even at high speeds.

And in all this subtlety of midlife change, 5.5-liter V8, the S550 on a tank of gas by 6 percent. S-Class product manager Frank Steinacher declares that the aerodynamics were improved slightly by adding a slippery front end, new mirrors and new window seals. Then there are the low-resistance tires with low-friction bearings. Finally, Mercedes has low friction engine oil.

The weapons August - The transition to this new iteration of the W221 S-Class from the end of August for North America. Since a full 25 percent of the S-Class sales are in North America, Mercedes would like to see it on this way. Given the fact that the recently introduced Mercedes E-Class is priced almost $ 5,000 less than before, the S-Class seems likely that a similar statement. Mercedes Our contacts tell us that the price for 2010 Mercedes-Benz S550 could begin at $ 85.000, or about 4500 $ less than the current model of the sticker.

Between the BMW 7 Series and Lexus LS (but somewhere closer to the Lexus), Mercedes has the right niche wire for the S-Class. What can we say after this long trip through the Black Forest, the luxury segment of the guide remains relatively unthreatened by his rivals and the sales statistics show that he suffers the least among the luxury sedans in this evil cash-strapped epoch we 're in.-By Matt Davis


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