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Mercedes coffee cup icon on the speedometer

The new Mercedes E-Class features many cutting-edge gadgets driver assistance, such as night vision, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control. These characteristics that we saw earlier in the Mercedes-Benz S550, but the Mercedes E-Class will also include Attention Assist, a new Mercedes-Benz feature that prevents you from falling asleep at the wheel.

Assist monitors the attention of the driver of the car, using 70 parameters to determine if he or she is sleeping outside. If you detect a drowsy driver, the system emits a warning tone and lights up a coffee cup icon on the screen speed. The system relies heavily on the steering wheel control input, such as a driver tired of drift, and then make corrections strong. We can predict the next generation of this Mercedes technology do not bother with the warning, in place of driving the Mercedes vehicle automatically to the next stop and rest that allows you to nap.


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